Polaroid Transfers



A Polaroid transfer is an artistic photographic process which can take on different moods.  It may appear to be a cross between a photograph and a watercolor, or it also might look like an old photo.  Often described as “dreamlike” or “haunting", each image transfer is unique and can never be repeated, due to the inherit process.


My photos were originally shot on 35mm color slides.  The slide is exposed onto Polaroid instant film.  As it develops, I separate the emulsion from it’s backing and press it onto 140lb. Arches French watercolor paper.  Here it continues to develop, under heat, moisture and pressure.  This process transfers the inks and dyes directly onto the new paper medium, creating dramatic images which resemble small water color paintings.  The color intensity is then enhanced with a combination of colored pencils, watercolors or pastels.  The same 35 mm original slide may be used for each print, but due to the characteristics of the transfer process, each transfer is uniquely different.