Photography Pages



I am not a professional photographer. But I do take pictures.  Lots of pictures. I've been

doing this for about 45 years, ever since I purchased my first Nikon F in High School,

back in 1970.  Since then I've accumulated hundreds of negatives (both color and B&W)

and volumes of Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides.  I am just dusting them off finally,

and hope to scan the best ones soon; a monumental task at best.  Although I don't make

my living directly from photography, I receive tremendous satisfaction and gratitude from

each picture that I shoot.  I try to present simplicity and balance in my photography.

These are the same things that I crave in my own life.  I am drawn to simple images and

shapes, and attempt to catch the observer's eye with bright colors and interesting textures.

Recently I discovered the amazing process know as Polaroid Image Transfer.  The result

of this technique is a soft, dream-like painter's representation of an otherwise sharp

image.  You can find out more about this technique below, on my first link.